Favorite Baby Products & Charleston’s 7 Month Update

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I can’t believe our sweet Charleston is already 7 months old! It goes SO fast! Our little love bug is such a people person! She loves to ham it up when she meets new friends and squeals when she goes to new places. She sits up, is trying to crawl, blows bubbles, and has the funniest head tilt when she gets excited! I wanted to share an update on all of the baby products we are loving right now! Message me if you have any questions!


1. Baby Breeza Formula Dispenser – STILL the greatest baby product ever invented! Basically, it’s a Baby Keurig to make formula! If you end up needing to supplement with formula or are done breastfeeding, I would highly recommend investing in this product (it is very pricey)! In the middle of the night, it’s amazing to have something super quick to satisfy your screaming baby. At the press of a button, it makes the selected ounce bottle at the perfect temperature!

2. Baby Breeza Sterlizer & Dryer – Another top baby product that is worth the price tag! This is a bottle sterilizer and dryer and also works for all of your breast pump parts! It’s amazing! Instead of boiling water to sterilize bottles and parts, you simply press the button and 45 minutes later everything is sterilized and dry!

3. Boppy – Girl Version & Boy Version – We have used this through every stage! It is so helpful for nursing and feeding, tummy time, and then as a support for when baby is learning to sit up! We actually have 2 Boppy’s because we love it so much!

4. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles – Girl Version & Boy Version – We’ve loved the Dr. Brown’s bottles since day 1. You can change the nipple and bottle size as your baby grows. It has an internal vent system that helps reduce colic, and we thought it really helped Charleston.

5. IKEA High Chair – It’s $22, super easy to clean, can easily pack up and take with you! This is the only high chair we have and it’s worked great! You can also buy inserts for this one on Etsy, but honestly it’s easier to clean without anything.

6. Bumbo – Charleston LOVES to sit in the Bumbo! It was great when she couldn’t sit up by herself! I move it all around the house so she can watch what I’m working on!

7. Sophie the Giraffe Teether – We take Sophie everywhere we go! Charleston loves her giraffe.

8. Joovy – The best walker! I love that it doesn’t have toys already on it, so she can play with different items and not get tired of it! This is another item we saw from our friend Jane Taylor. JT is a few months older than Charleston, so we basically buy everything she has!

9. Bib – This is the best/cheapest bib. It is dishwasher safe, and you can roll it up in your diaper bag to easily take with you!

10. Sound Machine – Highly recomend this sound machine! I’ve been a fan of Mom’s on Call, and they recommend only white noise for baby. It’s also portable, so you can easily travel with it.



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