Neutral Vintage Chic Decor

Walmart Home Decor / Sofa / Lamps / End table / Book Shelf / Gold Lights

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Neutral Vintage Chic Decor

I’ve had so much fun working on home decor since we moved into our new home this past month! I’m always on the lookout for chic decor that is also affordable!

I ran across some of these vintage chic neural pieces from Walmart and was immediately impressed with the quality, selection and style. I can’t wait to incorporate some of these items into our new home. Here are a few of my favorites!

Gold Chandelier – I adore this chandelier and it looks designer for under $80!

Gourd Lamps – I immediately ordered this matching set of lamps! I love the color and think they would be perfect to add to a living room, dining room credenza or even as bedroom table lamps!

Settee – I think this settee is so beautiful and has a Parisian feel.

Gold Bookcase – This gold bookcase for $130 is so chic. It’s another piece that I think could be used in so many different places. I love it for a bookshelf in the living room, display handbags and decor in an office, or even put in a nursery with books and accessories!

Shopping at Walmart has so many decor options and free 2-day shipping over $35.  Talk about instant shopping gratification! I’ve really found that they are a shopping destination for so many rooms in our new home!


Walmart Vintage Chic



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