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Stocking Stuffers for Her!


I’ve rounded up all my favorite things that would be perfect to fill your stockings! Lots are from Amazon and Prime 2 day shipping! If you hover over the item, it will show you the price!


Barrington Bags Keychain – I LOVE everything from Barrington and have been completely obsessed with my diaper bag tote from them! You can customize this keychain in so many different prints/ colors!

Makeup Eraser – This seriously changed my life! I HATE taking off my makeup and all this needs is cold water! You can get them in white, pink, or black.

Initial Necklace –  I have this heart necklace in the “C” for Charleston. The quality is AMAZING and the price is even better!

Wet Brush – I swear by these and use them for both myself and Charleston! I like the rose gold color of this one.

Lisi Lerch Bow Earrings – HOW CUTE are these bow earrings! I would LOVE to get these in my stocking! They come in a few different color options!

Eyebrow Tint & Jar – I tint my own eyebrows at home (IT’S EASY and saves me a lot of $$)! I bought this little container to store the tint in if I want to touch it up during the week and it turned out so cute!

Beauty Products – These are a few of my favorite beauty products that I purchase over and over! All would make great stocking stuffers!






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