Favorite Baby Products

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One of my most frequent questions is about the baby products we are loving! I’ve listed my top products below!


  • Baby Breeza Formula Maker – I think this might be the greatest baby product ever invented!! Basically, it’s a Baby Keurig to make formula! If you end up needing to supplement with formula or are done breastfeeding, I would highly recommend investing in this product (it is very pricey)! In the middle of the night, it’s amazing to have something super quick to satisfy your screaming baby. At the press of a button, it makes the selected ounce bottle at the perfect temperature!  (UPDATE:  As of Charleston’s 1st Birthday, this is HANDS DOWN the best baby product we purchased!!!) 


  • Baby Breeza Sterilizer & Dryer – Another top baby product that is worth the price tag! This is a bottle sterlizer and dryer and also works for all of your breast pump parts! It’s amazing! Instead of boiling water to sterilize bottles and parts, you simply press the button and 45 minutes later everything is sterilized and dry! (UPDATE: This ranks #2 on our list! I used this thing every day for a year!!!) 


  • Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play – I would highly recommend the Rock ‘N Play! It vibrates and helps Charleston sleep very well! Here is the boy version. (UPDATE: The Rock ‘N Play has been recalled due to infant deaths, which is absolutely terrifying since Charleston slept in this so much. I would recommend now the  4mom mamaRoo for the day time.)


  • DockATot – Why are baby products so expensive?! Another hefty-priced item, but so worth it! You can also add a cute cover to it.  It is so nice to be able to easily transport this around the house to have a safe space for baby to snooze. She will also hang with us in bed while we watch TV. We also take this whenever we travel. (Traveling with a baby is extremely hard, and I don’t want to change little one in a bathroom! I keep this in the car and change Charleston on the road.)  (UPDATE: I look back at this item and white it was really really nice, skip this if you are on a budget! They do not recommend letting baby sleep in this in the crib, so it always made me nervous!)


  • Zoli Electric Nail Trimmer – Charleston LOOOOVES having her nails filed! Babies nails can get very long when they are born, and it’s important to have something to trim them so they don’t scratch themselves. I was terrified of using a regular nail trimmer, but this one is soft and easy!


  • Cool Mist Humidifier – Charleston has already had a stuffy nose, and we wanted to avoid giving her medicine. This cool mist humidifier really helped when we put it by her crib.


  • Baby Shusher – We won’t go anywhere without this portable sound machine! Works wonders and can easily be packed in her diaper bag! (It works on babies, dogs, and adults!)



  • Black & White Toys & Books – Charleston is OBSESSED with looking at black and white images! They make her so happy and she just smiles away! Here are some toys and books!


  • Bows – Baby Bling Bows are so cute and come in a variety of colors! They also fit newborn babies right away!




  • Mom’s On Call Book – I wish I would have had this and read before Charleston was born! It’s practical, helpful and was written by two mom who are nurses.


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!



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