The Avenue Derby Days

Floral Skirt | Headband


Although the Derby is postponed, it didn’t stop me from throwing on the cutest skirt and headband from The Avenue and making the tastiest Mint Julep!

When choosing a Spring look, I immediately wanted something with floral and bright colors! I love that this skirt can be paired with a plain white tee and sneakers during the day, or change to espadrilles and a puff-sleeved top at night.

A Little Bit About The Avenue…

The Avenue was founded by Lyndsey Zorich (one of the most stylish bloggers) and is a curated collection of  LIVE, WEAR, and GIFT. I love that you can find the sweetest party outfit to a hostess gift all in the same shop! Here are a few of my favorite accessories, home and gift items.






Last by not is our favorite Mint Julep Recipe! Since it’s mostly bourbon, don’t skimp on a cheap brand! Here’s a great video to watch for making it!


Maker’s Mark Bourbon (We prefer this for a Mint Julep)

Fresh Mint Leaves

Simple Syrup


Garnish: Bitters (if you have it)



  1. Chill your cups so they are nice and frosty! (Tip: Hold the glass by the top or bottom when making it, so you don’t ruin the frost!)
  2. Put 8 fresh leaves and 1/4 oz simple syrup in the bottom of your cup and muddle. Be careful not to pulverize the mint leaves.
  3. Pour in 2 oz Maker’s Mark bourbon and stir with ice crushed ice
  4. Finally make an ice dome on top and garnish with a mint leaf and bitters!
  5. ENJOY!




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